This Support Group is specific to the needs of people living with Epilepsy in the Salt Lake County area.

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Replies to This Discussion does the support group work?  Is there an app for this site?  I have never used it before.

Hey Lisa!  To my knowledge there is not (yet) an app that is designed specifically for the forums, however, you should be able to view the forums on a smartphone or other internet-friendly mobile device.  The only apps that are available with Ning are the apps that Ning has verified and partnered with to make connecting with others easier.  

As far as how the support group works, the general idea is that this will soon be a place where multiple members will come to discuss seizures, epilepsy, and other related topics in life with epilepsy... such as employment, relationships, care, stress management, etc.  

Right now, we are just trying to get the forum off the ground - we love facebook, facebook groups, etc., but we want to utilize the forum to keep messages, threads, and other communication a bit more organized.  

Let us know if you have any problems using this Ning forum.  

Does that help?  



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